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Indian skull Back patch

1400  (~$22.66)

Size: 27.7 x 10 cm

The embroidered textile patch is made from only the finest materials:
- 100% polyester felt from Shinwon Felt (made in South Korea)
- 100% polyester embroidery threads from Gunold (made in Germany)
- The thermal adhesive layer on the back of the patch from Gunold (made in Germany) allows the patch to be glued with an iron and prevents the embroidery from unraveling if the embroidery threads are damaged.

The patch can be sewn on or glued on with an iron (Instructions).

All patches (chevrons) presented in our online store are of our own production (Handmade by Roman & Sveta Burashnikov), so you can buy just such a Indian skull Back patch only from us.

Free delivery throughout Russia with the order amount from 1000 rubles.
If the order is less than 1000 rubles, the delivery is 80 rubles.

The cost of delivery to other countries is 600 rubles (~$9.71).
The cost of delivery does not depend on the number of patches ordered.
Order as much as possible to save on delivery costs.


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Jill Hunter (USA)
Love the patch! Great quality! Would buy from again! Thank you!
Перевод: Обожаю этот патч! Отличное качество! Куплю ещё! Спасибо!
Нашивки мотоцикла Indian

David Riley (USA)
I was pleased with the quality of the patch and the quick delivery.
Перевод: Я доволен качеством нашивки и быстрой доставкой.

Linda (UK)
Grreat patchs look forward to buying from you again thanks very much all the best
Перевод: Отличные патчи с нетерпением ждем возможности снова купить их у вас, большое спасибо, всего наилучшего

Thierry (Switzerland)
Super qualité excellent travail merci
Перевод: Отличное качество, отличная работа, спасибо

Thierry (Switzerland)
Good store quality merchandise and very professional
Перевод: Товары хорошего качества и очень профессиональные

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Dimensions 27.7 × 10 cm

Серебряный, Тёмно-серый, Красный