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Privacy Policy

We like to make sure that every customer feels relaxed and confident when working with us. Know that we collect information from you when you interact with us or our website, whether as a one-time question or as a regular customer. This helps us retain relevant information about you and thereby process orders better. We understand that many of you are reluctant to provide personal information and we fully respect your wishes. However, if you really want to do business with us, we will need some information about you. Please know that you have our 100% guarantee that we keep all your information confidential and do not share, sell or trade this information with any third party.

Collecting your personal information:

We collect information from our many customers in order to prevent fraud, provide a better shopping experience, better customer service, for marketing purposes, to comply with legal regulations and to ensure smooth transactions between the customer and the supplier. As mentioned, the information is never shared with third parties. Information is collected online, through surveys, address verification services and social media. Personal information collected may include name, company or organisation name and contact details such as address, phone and email. Some records are automatically saved, such as the type of browser you use, the pages you viewed while visiting our website, the date and time of your last visit, and your IP address.

Using your personal information:

We appreciate the confidence you have shown in us. The information collected can therefore be used from time to time to notify you of important updates. In addition, you can be assured that the confidentiality of your data will be maintained at all times.

How can we guarantee the security of your data?

Our servers are protected by strong and secure firewalls and SSL technology to prevent hacking and third-party access to information. This applies not only to data storage, but also to every transaction you make through the site. SSL encryption, which you can easily see from the URL using "https". This confirms that our server has a secure connection which protects all sensitive data from hacking.