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How to glue a patch

The instructions for attaching are only valid for embroidered textile patches, leather patches can only be sewn on.

Check what material the garment is made of before gluing it on. The patches can be glued on cotton, blended cotton fabrics, velour, denim and wool.

DO NOT stick patches on waterproof rainwear, viscose, nylon, velvet, acrylic, leather, vinyl or any other fabric with trims, rubbers or heat sensitivity. If you're not sure if the garment material is heat-sensitive you can arrange a test by putting an iron somewhere hidden in the garment.

1) Position the patch on the garment.
2) Place a cloth or thin towel over the patch.
3) Turn the iron on to maximum power and press down firmly for 20-25 seconds.
4) Iron on the wrong side, pressing down firmly for 20-25 seconds.
Allow the product to adhere fully for 48 hours.
Washing is permitted at a maximum temperature of 40°C

Although our patches use the world's best hotmelt adhesive from Gunold, manufactured in Germany, they may gradually come off after repeated washings or hard use.
We therefore recommend sewing on the patches.